Unlocking Your Inherent Creativity

We are in this Together

from Glenda Chi

Letters of Hope

Beloved Creatives,

How are you? Are you OK? I hope you are safe. I hope you are taking care of your inner world, as the world out there is in chaos. Our immediate future may be uncertain, but I can assure you that ‘this too shall pass’. My friend, lay your burden down even for a moment and take a rest in hope. We are in this TOGETHER.
I would like to share how we can support each other as we face the next few months. I have met with the Made to Create executive team and below is what we will be implementing.
Our aim has always been for you to have a community to connect, belong & grow. We want to empower you to thrive because we believe that what you create can inspire and impact the world. We want you to be able to continue to create, because more than ever, you will need it right now. So we want support you in any way we can.
Our priorities at this time are:
• SAFETY for the community, by postponing all in-person events
   until further notice
• SUPPORT for each other, in the time of need
• CONNECTION to remain, during physical distancing
As we go through this turbulent time, we will offer 5 anchors of support for our community to plug into.

  1. Made to Create@Home – We have created a FB group page specifically for our community to plug it and get connected. This is a place for us to share our stories, share different ways to be creative at home, connect with others in the community and ask for help. Please join here -       
  2. Letters of Hope – We will be sending you letters FROM the community FOR the community. The objective is to give hope at a time when we really need it. We would like to invite you to submit a 400-word essay, which we will format into a letter and publish to our community weekly. Please join our mailing list to receive ‘Letters of Hope’ ( If you'd like to submit a piece, please email me for details on
  3. Podcast – We will be launching our very own podcast channel in a few weeks. They are ‘chats’ with leaders, therapists and experts who are skilled to offer us practical tools and guidance that can help us navigate through this challenging time. Stay tuned for more.
  4. FB Live – We will run a weekly FB Live session simply to check in with you, giving you the opportunity for some self-reflection and self-exploration. It is also an opportunity for us to communicate live with our community. Time and date for this check in will be announce in the coming days.
  5. Webinar – We will be moving all our ‘in person’ events to online. It will take a while for us to work out the logistics, but we are planning to set up an easy way for you to continue in your growth to thrive as a creative.

Friend, thank you for reading my letter. I hope to continue connecting you, even though the way we do it will feel and look different. If you have any questions or stories to share, please email me.
Please take care and stay safe. We are in this TOGETHER.

With Love,
Glenda x