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Fundamental Tools for Creative Recovery

Fundamental Tools Creative Recovery

As we move into the new year after a challenging year, it is now time to recover and rebuild our creative lives. But how do we plan for the future? How do we reset and what if a disruptive change happens again? How will we cope this time and continue with our creative work?

With these questions in mind, Made to Create will be hosting a series of online workshops, offering you 
The Fundamental Tools for Creative Recovery.

Each session will provide tools for your own 'recovery toolkit' to help you rebuild your creative life.
The tools will enable you to:

• Evaluate the your life from a wholistic perspective
• Design a pathway forward in ANY season
• Adapt to changes beyond your control 
• Remain grounded in who you are and what you value
• Maintain your sense of wellbeing through mindfulness practices

You will walk away knowing how to use a variety of tools that can: 
• Help you recover from difficult circumstances
• Give you an anchor hang onto during the seasons of uncertainty
• Guide you to be clear on what priorities to focus on 
• Provide you practical ways to nurture your inner world 



30th Jan, 2:00-3:30pm - Embracing Your Next Chapter with John Englezos
A reflective workshop session that gives you a chance to consider your life as a whole, and how you might best embrace and navigate the season ahead. 

13th Feb, 2:00-3:30pm - Designing Your Life Strategy with Glenda Chi
We know that our passion and purpose is what drives us, but as we move from one season to another, we can lose sight of our priorities. Learn how to create a life strategy that serves your purpose as well as priorities in 5 steps.

27th Feb, 2:00-3:30pm - Adapting to Change with Eugene Wong
The world is constantly changing, throwing everything up in the air for us. But we can pre-empt and prepare for change, and even use it to our advantage. Find out how to future-proof what you do in this highly practical workshop.


6th Feb, 2:00-3:30pm - Creative Tools for Stress Relief with Kathryn Nest 
The creative life can be a stressful life, which can impact your wellbeing. This session will provide you with simple but effective creative tools to help you manage stress in a healthy way. 

20th Feb, 2:00-3:30pm - Rituals for Grounding with Mandi Ashcroft
An important session that will show you how to find your ground in the midst of the storms in life, through daily rituals that connect you to yourself, others and nature. 

6th Mar, 2:00-3:30pm - Art as Meditation with Gabby Willmott
Meditation has incredible benefits to our health and wellbeing. The practice of meditation is something we can learn and get better at overtime. Learn how to relax and unwind, create and be present by using art as meditation.


As a community, we believe that when it comes to personal growth and creative development, journeying together is always better. Made to Create@Home is our online community and all who have registered to this series are invited to join to share your stories, artwork, inspiration and questions. 


The workshops will be deliver online via Zoom. We will send you the Zoom link for each session you are registered for, the day before the session. You will need a Zoom account in order to access the link. To create a free Zoom account, please go to

Gift a Ticket

Would you like to buy a gift for a friend and help them build their recovery toolkit? Simply purchase a ticket to a series or single session. Then email us your order number, recipient's details (name, email and mobile) and your message. We will create a digital voucher (PDF) and email it back to you, so you can gift it to your friend. 

Please note that our digital gift vouchers is not an automated process. Due to the holiday break, we are not able to process gift vouchers between 24th December 2020 to 11th January 2021.


Strategy Sessions x 3:
EB* - $150 | C - $140 | F - $165

Wellbeing Sessions x 3:
EB* - $150 | C - $140 | F - $165

ALL Sessions x 6:
EB* - $270 | C - $260 | F - $285

Single Session:
EB* - $65 |  F - $85

*Early bird ends on 16th January 2021

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