Unlocking Your Inherent Creativity

Response to Covid-19

from Glenda Chi

Letters of Hope

Beloved Creatives,

I just like to take this opportunity to reach out to you as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. As a community, we will be experiencing a challenging time ahead. We will be dealing with social distancing, which is already causing some to lose their gigs or jobs. Kids will need to stay at home and working from home means that our work routines will be disrupted for awhile. Our future has suddenly become uncertain.

Please know that we are in this TOGETHER.

The Made to Create executive team will be meeting tonight to discuss how we can keep our community safe, but still connected and engaged. We will be cancelling our events for the next few months (all ticket purchases for the next event will be refunded), so we can flatten the curve of the virus spread. Nevertheless, we are working on a plan for us to remain connected and supported.

An Opportunity to INNOVATE and look for POSSIBILITIES!

The aim for our gatherings has always been so that creatives can have a place to connect, belong and grow. This will not change. It is time for us to think beyond the conventional and innovate. We are now forced to think creatively and reframe this crisis situation to see it as an opportunity. We have the opportunity to implement what we have learnt about creating art to help us through our challenges. Let's look for possibilities that can give us hope and increase our will to go on.

The flip side of this crisis could mean a breakthrough for some of us (like Isaac Newton who discovered the law of gravity while being homebound during the plague in the 1600s. Read here). It could also mean a time to rest for others. For most of us though, we can use this time to be present with our loved ones - even if it is over the phone. 


We will be changing the way we deliver our support, tools and resources, but our intent and objectives will always be to help you connect, belong and grow. In the next fews days, I will be announcing how we will move forward. We hope you will jump on board and journey with us. 

I would like to thank you for being part of this community. You are very dear to me because you all inspire me. You are my tribe and I am grateful for you. I will miss seeing you in person but let's support each other in other ways because in time of crisis, TOGETHER IS ALWAYS BETTER. Please reach out if you are struggling. You are not alone.

I wish you all good health, love and peace. Please take care and I will see you soon.

With Love,
Glenda x