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Passing Time

from John Englezos

Letters of Hope

To the beautiful community of people in and around 'Made To Create',

Many poets the whole world over are using the month of April to write new pieces.

One of the writer’s groups I am a part of presented the prompt of how someone might express love to someone in a time when they are apart.

This piece I wrote to acknowledge the season but also present some hope. 
I trust that you are all finding your ways to express and create Hope in this time.

Poetry - Passing Time

The grass was no consolation
so he ripped up the back lawn
He marked each day into the ground
and so the earth became his calendar

There was evening and there was mourning
and on the seventh day
He planted seeds where the lines were drawn
and covered the week over

And this is how he passed the time
in tears and toil and seeds and soil
one moment carving out
and the next healing the wound

In this way the days were remembered
but the months were forgotten
shown only in braiding buds and blooms
and the changing clouds overhead

He noticed the creatures that noticed him
sang his hello to those who sang
and felt no need to pay heed 
to those who paid no heed to him

Each day came and went as they are known
to come and go and he would mark the time
with herbs tomatoes lettuce and the like
but also roses daphnes and carnations

And when the season had passed
and his love was returned to him
a table was set and a meal was made
a humble harvest of home grown goodness

"You've been busy" they said
"I've been waiting" he answered
"How long has it been?" they asked

"A fresh bouquet and a bowl full of salad"

All the best,
John E 
Team Member at Made to Create