Unlocking Your Inherent Creativity

How to Keep Shining

from Glenda Chi


Letters of Hope


My Beloved Creatives,

How are you? I hope you are well and keeping safe. Our lives have been affected by the pandemic for a few weeks now and isolation has become our new normal. The simplest things we had previously taken for granted are now the rare and wonderful things we all look forward to after all this is over.

Our challenges are real and we all have our own way of working through it. We may not have control over what happens (although we are all doing our best to flatten the curve), but we can have control over our own inner world. You see, even through hard times, I believe that the light we carry inside of us is still shining through. We just need to know how to keep shining.

Here are 3 steps for us to keep shining:
1. Reflect and ground ourselves in our purpose and values
2. Create a new daily rhythm, artwork or opportunity to learn 
3. Inspire someone else by sharing our light

In the spirit of Easter, symbolising the love and life of Jesus Christ, my prayer for our community is that we will continue to shine our light... because my dear ones, as we shine together, we can then be a lighthouse for ourselves and those around us in the midst of uncertainty. 

Have a happy and safe Easter. x 

Glenda Chi
Founder at Made to Create