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Don't Turn Away

from Oliver Jach

Oliver Jach

Dear Creative,

Human life can be cruel and upsetting. We can work for years on something only to find it blow up in our faces, all those years of hard work down the drain. We can fall in love only to lose that lover, discover a new best friend only to lose that best friend. We can set up a career only for that career to become unviable.

When life seems cruel to us, it is tempting to turn away from the world, to fall out of love with the world, to become an enemy of the world even.

But don’t turn away, because once we turn away, we miss all the other things that life has to offer us: the new chances, the births, the re-growths, the touching kindness that people sometimes show us when they see that we are most in need.

Once we turn away, we close our mind to the possibility that all of these sufferings are going to somehow make us stronger, that one day we will look back on these sufferings and say “hey, that sucked, but I’m sure glad it happened because it taught me something. It made me who I am today.”

In this life, we are not meant to win, and keep winning. We can’t grow without failure, we can’t live without experiencing all forms of life, the kind, the cruel, the beautiful and the nasty.

So try to remain open-minded about your losses. Failure allows you to start fresh, to start with no expectations, and once you start moving again, in a new direction, you will realise that what you thought was a disaster was only just an opportunity.


Oliver Jach is lead songwriter for Melbourne band The Fainters. His first solo album Felicity can be heard on Spotify ( Bandcamp (