Unlocking Your Inherent Creativity

Writing Your Memoir

Cameron Semmens

So you have stories to tell? But haven't yet found the right words or the right way to tell them?

Learn how to bring the stories you need to tell the world from your heart into other people's hearts via the written word.
Cameron Semmens – award-winning author of 24 books – will take you into the detail of what it takes to write your story, edit it, refine it and get it out into the world.

Across 5 sessions Cameron will be introducing you to the key elements in written story-telling like structure, perspective and point-of-view to help you manifest your masterpiece; and throughout the process he'll be providing examples and guiding advice.

But most importantly, this will be a chance for you to actually write what is in you, both within these sessions and as homework throughout the week, so that by the end you will have written a whole series of stories and made an incredible start on your memoir.

Each session will include these elements:
• Introduction of a number of key concepts or frameworks
• A writing warm-up
• Writing examples
• A main writing activity
• Sharing and discussion time
• Home work

By the end of this series you will:
• Have written thousands of words of your own story
• Have learnt various approaches to writing, editing and publishing
• Been truly inspired by quality memoir examples
• And been fully enabled by helpful templates and frameworks


5 x 1.5hr Sessions
Thursdays at 7:15-8:45pm
29th October, 5th November, 12th November, 19th November & 26th November 2020

Session 1: Getting started
What story you need to tell, and why. Permissions and privacy. Truth and place in memoir.

Session 2: Getting smart
Story structure and narrative arc; perspective and point of view.

Session 3: Getting honest
Finding your voice and style. Brutal self-honesty. Dialogue and other people in your story.

Session 4: Getting serious
Editing and revision. Punctuation and consistency. Receiving critique.

Session 5: Getting out there
Sharing your stories with the world through websites, social media, competitions, magazines and journals. Self-publishing or main-stream publishing.

This program is suitable for:
• Young writers wanting to get started
• Older people wanting to capture their lives and their stories for posterity
• People wanting to explore writing as a creative or therapeutic outlet

Community Group Coaching
This series includes Community Group Coaching. This is done through a Facebook group that is created specifically for this program for the duration of this series, so participants can be supported in their learning, share their journey, ask questions and connect with the facilitator and other participants between sessions. 

Program Delivery
The sessions will be delivered LIVE via Zoom. We will send you a zoom link upon registration. If you don't already have a Zoom account you will need to create one - it is free to join:


About Cameron Semmens

Alex Gray

Cameron Semmens is an award-winning poet, entertainer and creative writing educator with 24 books to his name and 27 years experience in sharing on the stage and the page. As well as performing and running workshops, he designs books, assists others to get published and delves into fine-art. He lives on the eastern fringe of Melbourne and is a force of dadness to Spencer and Mieka. Check out Cam's work on:

Date & Time

Series - 5 Sessions
29th October - 26th November 2020
7:15pm-8:45pm (Melbourne Time)


Concession: $140 | Full: $155
Limited spots only! 

Financial Hardship 
Discounts and payment plans can be arranged for those in financial hardship.
Contact Glenda to arrange directly. 

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