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WHY Discovery Program

WHY Discovery


Glenda Ninnis


Everyone has a WHY.
When we know our WHY, we become more confident in choosing the kind of jobs, careers,
or projects that are likely to inspire us and make us feel fulfilled.
It is like having a compass that helps us make better decisions about what we do and how we do it.

'The WHY is not about making money - that’s a result.
The WHY is a purpose, cause or belief. Your WHY is the very reason you exist.' - Simon Sinek

In this program, we will be working through the WHY Discovery Workbook, produced by Glenda Ninnis,
which is based on the WHY Discovery online course developed by Simon Sinek.

You will learn:
•  Discover your WHY
•  Construct a WHY statement
•  Gain powerful insight to your contribution and impact that you are designed to have on people
•  Gain a clearer idea of where to go from here
•  How to implement your WHY in your life

This program will benefit those who:
1. Need clarity in life direction
2. About to go on a gap year, or been on a gap year that has lasted several years
3. Thinking of starting a business
4.Need clearer objectives for business or organisation
5. Have a passionless work life but don't know what else to do
6. Transitioning between jobs 
7. Want to create art with a purpose

The program runs over 4 weeks.
Participants are required to attend two 2-hr sessions with the group,
the remaining work is done at home in your own time.


Dates and time are depended on which type of facilitation is preferred.


There are 3 types of facilitation available depending on your preference:
The program includes the WHY Discovery kit for each participant and is delivered in 2 sessions. 

Group facilitation (hosted by Made to Create): $110 per person*
Minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 10 participants per group.

The group facilitation is organised by Made to Create at a set time and venue.
These facilitations will be announced as workshop events on the Made to Create website.

Group facilitation (hosted by the participant): $140 per person*
Minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 10 participants per group.

Got a group of friends/colleagues who would like to discover their WHY?
Organise the time and place, suitable for both facilitators and your group, and we will come to you.

One-on-one facilitation: $220 per person*
The one-on-one facilitation is designed for those who are unable to attend group sessions
 and prefer to work one-on-one with a facilitator. 
Sessions are arranged by appointment that is suitable for both facilitator and participant.

Concession prices available. Please contact us to find out more.
*Additional costs to travel to regional/interstate venues.

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