Unlocking Your Inherent Creativity

Watercolours for Beginners

Lou Endicott

Always wanted to try your hand at watercolours but have no idea where to start?
Do you love nature and want to celebrate it in a creative and personal way? 
Want to learn how to create simple gifts & card for loved ones that they will truly treasure?

This online workshop series is designed just for you! Watercolour painting is a highly relaxing and playful medium - perfect to celebrate the natural world around us! Based on a mix of pigment with a water-soluble binder, watercolour images retain a luminescence that can create soft, dreamy and inviting imagery. 

Be guided step-by-step in this four-week course to learn the basics of watercolour painting. Using nature as our inspiration, each workshop you will unlock simple and fun techniques to make beautiful art pieces.

These sessions are designed for you to:
• Build creative confidence
• Encourage exploration of watercolour as a medium
• Learn basic techniques and skills in the medium of watercolour
• Grow visual expressive skills
• Have fun in a safe and supportive learning environment
• Create visual pieces that have personal meaning to you and your world

By the end of these workshops you will have:
• More confidence to create and explore your creativity
• The basic skills of using watercolour as a medium
• A series of artworks to reflect on and enjoy
• Have felt part of a community that honoured their personal creativity and growing skills

• Setting up a work space for watercolour
• Choosing equipment
• Exploring paint & brush techniques such as: washes, wet on wet,
wet on dry, masking, layering, one stroke shapes, gradients
• Creating thematic art pieces in each session that focuses on the natural world.
Each piece will uncover a watercolour technique

Lou Endicott

Session 1 – Wonderful Watercolours
Enjoy the feeling and freedom of watercolour as a medium as we discover basic paint techniques to create varying effects.

Session 2 – Monochromes and Brush Techniques
We will explore one colour paint to create a layered look, playing with transparency and understand monochromatic gradients. We will also experiment with the muscle memory needed to create one stroke leaves.

Session 3 – Negative Spaces
We will delve into using masking fluid and tape to create a negative space, then develop further on skills to create leaf and floral motifs learnt earlier in the course and produce gift worthy or treasured practical pieces.

Session 4 – Shapes & Form
Further explore brush technique and colour mixing to create shape and form with a beautiful landscape theme.

Program Delivery
The sessions will be delivered LIVE via Zoom. We will send you a zoom link upon registration. If you don't already have a Zoom account you will need to create one - it is free to join:

Be part of the Introduction to Watercolours for Beginners FB Group specifically set up for this series, to share our journeys, ask questions and connect with one another throughout the series.

About Lou Endicott

Lou Endicott

Lou Endicott is a professional illustrator and designer. Her skills have been employed by businesses of all sizes as well as for custom illustration pieces. She has a deep interest and passion in illustrating flora and fauna and uses a variety of mediums including pencil, ink, watercolour as well as digital.
Check out Lou's work on:

Date & Time

Workshop Series
Sundays at 2:00-3:30pm AEST
22nd November, 29th November, 6th December & 13th December 2020


Concession: $115 | Full: $130
Limited spots only! 

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