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Smartphone Photography

Amanda Starkey

Want to know how to take and edit photos with your smartphone? 
With the convenience of the smartphone camera, photography is now something we can all enjoy. Here's an opportunity for you to explore your creativity and level up your photography skills without fancy equipment.
Join Melbourne-based travel photographer, Amanda Starkey, for a 2-hr interactive masterclass and learn how to turn your photos to look more creative, artistic and professional.

Amanda Starkey

Suitable for beginners, you will be learning how to:
• Take photos using good composition and lighting
• Use a creative photo editing app that professional photographers love – Snapseed
• Edit images that you can post straight to social media and wow your friends 
• Utilise hidden features on your camera that will help you take better photos
• Shoot and edit a perfect selfie that will make you look amazing
• Remove unwanted objects from your photos with simple tool

You will walk away:
• Knowing how to take beautiful photos that you can share with your family and friends
• Having more confidence in using the camera on your smartphone
• Gaining some knowledge in how your smartphone camera functions 
• Feeling inspired to discover and capture beauty that surrounds you 

You will need: 
• Smart Phone - either iPhone or Samsung (or any brand as long as it can download apps)
• Snapseed App - free from the app store

Program Delivery
The sessions will be delivered LIVE via Zoom. We will send you a zoom link upon registration. If you don't already have a Zoom account you will need to create one - it is free to join:

About Amanda Starkey

Amanda Starkey

Amanda Starkey began photography at the age of fifteen and has never really put down a camera since then. She has travelled the world working as a cruise ship photographer, family portrait photographer on exotic Hamilton Island.
She now specialises in travel and music photography, resulting in opportunities to exhibit in Paris, London and New York. She is passionate about all things photography and loves the art of storytelling. With a career spanning over 20 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her work.
Check out Amanda's work on:

Date & Time

6th December 2020
4:00-6:00pm (Melbourne Time)


Concession: $50 | Full: $65
Limited spots only! 

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