Unlocking Your Inherent Creativity

For Impact

We now exist for impact. At this initial stage, we will allocate up to 40% of our profits for our community projects, while the remainder of our profits will be allocated back into the organisation to sustain our growth. We are planning for Made to Create to be self-sufficient. 

Community Projects 

Below are the two main community priorities we are working on:

1. Sponsorship Scheme
We are working towards creating a scheme to provide low-income families and individuals the opportunity to attend our workshops. We will release information about this scheme in the coming weeks.
•  To increase people's sense of wellbeing 
•  To encourage connection with other creatives 
•  For people to acquire tools for creativity

2. Internship & Mentoring for Emerging Creatives (IMEC)
The IMEC program is 12-month internship/mentoring program specifically designed to connect emerging creatives with a mentor within their creative field of interest. Our plan is to test this program when budget allows it and will be seeking those who are interested in being part of the pilot.

•  To increase employment opportunities for creatives who wish to work in their field of interest
•  To help creatives find their WHY (purpose) which will become the reason they create
•  To connect emerging creatives with an experienced mentor within their specific industry
•  To link emerging creatives with businesses who can offer work placements
•  To raise up the future creative leaders who will be mentors to emerging creatives
•  To bring transformation to the creative professional culture to be more inclusive of emerging creatives

How can you be involved?
If you are interested in being a mentor, we would love to talk to you. We are looking for creative leaders who are:
•  Working in the creative field they would like to mentor in
•  Experienced and skilled in the creative processes from ideas to production
•  Able to impart knowledge and expertise about the specific industry
•  Well connected within the specific industry

Please drop us a line on

How can you support us?

We love that many in our creative community share the same values and beliefs as we do. We welcome donations, however as we are not registered as a charity, donations will not be tax deductible. Here are 5 others ways that you can help:

•  Purchase tickets to our events/workshops - 40% of profits from tickets are allocated to fund our community projects
•  Help promote our events/workshops - word of mouth and reviews are incredibly helpful
•  On-share our posts, events and workshops, so more people get to know us
•  Host a creative workshop or event at your workplace or home and hire us to be your facilitators/speakers
•  Come to our fundraising events

If you would still like to donate, we thank you for your generosity. Please email us and at your request, we will send you our account details.